Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The 2012 Mitt Romney Political Olympics: Too Self-Serving?

With his gaffe that almost “overshadowed” the shortcomings of the London 2012 Olympics, is the US Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s “2012 Political Olympics” too self-serving for the rest of us?

By: Ringo Bones

Forget about the controversial G4S private security contractor failing to hire enough security personnel for the London 2012 Olympics (which tend to only “scare” anyone who just seen a warts-and-all documentary of the PLO terrorists killing Israeli athletes during the 1972 Munich Olympics – or too occupied with the politics of a post-9/11 world), forget about the empty seats in the supposedly sold-out since May 2012 popular events of the London 2012 Olympics. It is the Mitt Romney “Gaffe Olympiad” that managed to steal the “political” limelight of this year’s Summer Games a day before the opening ceremonies.

US Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s comments on the city of London not supposedly ready to host this year’s Summer Olympic Games – which is more about the US Republican Party’s somewhat insular (and Evangelically warped) perspective of the post – 9/11 world than the issue of the private security firm G4S not hiring enough security staff – is primarily what irked British Prime Minister David Cameron and London Mayor Boris Johnson. Romney questioned both of them on the city’s security preparedness ahead of the 2012 Olympic Games – which 80,000 of the folks who first heard Romney went on to the nearest social network to err their grievances of the visiting American. Even HRH Queen Elizabeth II is not amused. At least the GOP presidential candidate’s gaffe will make the 2012 US Presidential Elections several notches more interesting. 

Is Mitt Romney’s view on the “unpreparedness” of the city of London to host the 2012 Olympics just too politically self-serving for the rest of us? Apparently so, because it is not that long ago that Mitt Romney manage to absolve himself from all responsibility over the “fiscal malfeasance” of the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics with the help of the US Republican Party’s “political machinations”. Well, at least Mitt Romney is off again to visit Israel in order to fulfill the US Republican Party’s on-going mission to use Hebrews as pawns in their war against the Muslim World.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Will Syria’s Bashar Al-Assad Use Chemical Weapons On His Own People?

With the top UN human rights groups officially declaring that Syria is now in a full-blown civil war, will Syrian strongman Bashar Al-Assad be eventually be forced to used chemical weapons on Syrian’s who don’t pledge allegiance to his rule? 

By: Ringo Bones 

The recent interview by the BBC on the former Syrian ambassador to Iraq – Nawaf Al-Fares, currently the Bashar Al-Assad regime’s highest-ranking defector – suggesting that the Assad regime will be forced to use chemical weapons if his rule is threatened. Not only that, Nawaf Al-Fares also heard reliable testimonies that chemical weapons has been covertly used in the Syrian town of Homs months before. Will this be a repeat of the late Iraqi strongman Saddam Hussein ordering the use of chemical weapons composed of Sarin, mustard gas and hydrogen cyanide in a mostly Kurdish Iraqi town of Halabja back in 1988? 

Given that the truth that troops loyal to the Syrian president Bashar Al-Assad won’t hesitate to use chemical weapons against disloyal Syrian insurgents, many now wonder who might become Syria’s own Chemical Ali – that notorious Iraqi general who executed Saddam’s orders to use chemical weapons on the disloyal Kurds in Halabja back in 1988. Or will the casualties might be unacceptably high on both sides given that Syria’s Sarin gas delivery system is probably unlike that of the one currently used by the United States’ Department of Defense’s GB-1 binary nerve agent via a BLU 19/B23 GB bomblet – i.e. the Syrian military are probably still using older Soviet-era – and largely unsafe – ordnance filled with ready-to-use chemical agents.