Saturday, August 22, 2015

Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton’s Special Relationship Under Strain?

With Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump now serous rivals fro the US presidency, with the “special relationship” between Ivanka trump and Chelsea Clinton now under strain?

By: Ringo Bones 

Even though Ivanka Trump’s father, Donald Trump, is currently a serous rival of Chelsea Clinton’s mother, Hillary Clinton as representative of their respective political parties, it seems that the “special relationship” or close private friendship of the two seems to be fine according to a recent interview. Sadly, Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton’s “special relationship” won’t be helping Larry C. Flynt sell millions of his “product” to a particular market at the moment. 

Given that their close private friendship precedes the political rivalries of their respective parents, Ivanka and Chelsea are both in their thirties – Clinton, 35 and Trump, 33. They are both new moms and both live in Manhattan. Both of them have Jewish husbands and Ivanka even converted to Judaism. 

Chelsea Clinton told Vogue magazine back in August 20, 2015 that there’s nothing “skin-deep” about Ivanka and that she’s always aware of everyone else around her – Chelsea says. “It’s an awareness that in some ways reminds me of my dad and his ability to increase the joy of the room. But would the ties that bind them soon become their friendship’s Kryptonite once the presidential race heats up? 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Former US President’s Sex Scandal Proven Via Recent DNA Test?

Even though the scandal is already century-old did a recent DNA test proved the truth of a former US President’s impropriety?

By: Ringo Bones 

Unfortunately it is neither about proof about former US President Ronald Reagan’s bastard son who is also a famous pornstar (Peter North? Faye Reagan?) nor about former US President Bill Clinton. It’s all about Warren G. Harding, the 29th President of the United States where a recent DNA test had proven that he indeed is the biological father of his alleged illegitimate daughter born out of his affair with his mistress Nan Britton. Harding’s daughter’s complete name is Elizabeth Ann Britton Harding Blaesing. 

Nan Britton publicly claimed back in 1928 that Harding had fathered her illegitimate daughter shortly before his election as president in 1920. The affair wasn’t exactly hush-hush because in 1927 Nan Britton went public by publishing “The President’s Daughter” alleging than Nan Britton had been Harding’s 30-years-younger mistress and Harding had gotten her pregnant. But Harding died unexpectedly in 1923 leaving Britton in the lurch without any financial provisions made on Harding’s will for the child. Britton wrote the book but she’d destroyed her correspondents / love letters with Harding. Worse still, Harding’s family insisted that he couldn’t have kids because he was afflicted with a severe case of the measles. Without much in the way of proof, Nan Britton faced a harsh blowback. 

Finally though a pair of the Harding family reached out to Blaesing’s surviving family and decided to try genetic testing. By the way, Nan Britton passed away in 1991 while Elizabeth Ann Blaesing in 2005. According to the DNA test results, Mr. Blaesing – Nan Britton’s grandson – was a second cousin to Peter and Abigail Harding meaning that Elizabeth Ann Blaesing had to be President Warren G. Harding’s biological daughter. An ancestry exec told the Times that they’re very confident of the DNA test results. 

Donald Trump: The US Republican Party’s “Manchurian Candidate”?

Though he’s not as glamorous as either Frank Sinatra or Denzel Washington, is the media-glitzy American billionaire Donald Trump a true-blue “Manchurian Candidate”? 

By: Ringo Bones 

Political pundits in recent years had labeled former US President Ronald Reagan as a “closeted liberal” while President Barack Obama has been recently labeled as a “closeted Ronald Reagan like conservative”, the recent search for a GOP frontrunner for the 2016 US Presidential Elections had both political pundits and the general public alike wondering as of late whether media-glitzy billionaire Donald Trump could be a true-blue Manchurian Candidate”. But is there any proof that Trump could be one or is it just the “moneyed narcissism” talking? 

The term “Manchurian Candidate” stems from the 1959 novel by Richard Condon referring to a US presidential political candidate or person that has unknowingly been convinced to act toward some interest. At the prevailing political climate when the book was released, the global spread of communism was the perceived existential threat of the American way of life thus the first Manchurian Candidate movie released in 1962 starring Frank Sinatra revolved around the “Truman Doctrine”; While the 2004 remake that starred Denzel Washington revolved around the post 9/11 Islamist terror ("Dubya" Bush Doctrine?) as the existential threat to the American way of life. 

But based on what I’ve seen and heard so far in the CNN coverage on Donald Trump’s “plans” if elected as the president of the United States – Trump eerily reminds me of myself back when I was 11-years-old (back in 1983) if asked by news reporters on how to solve the threat posed by the then Soviet Union to the free world in which I would answer by “invoking Sly Stallone and Chuck Norris or even Snake Plissken to kick some ass and take down names”. Sadly, Donald Trump is much older than me.

When asked on how to solve the Islamic State / ISIS problem in a recent CNN interview, Donald Trump responded with bombing the Hell out of their crude oil revenue via round-the-clock airstrikes. Given the recent fiscal expenditures of the military adventurism of former US President George “Dubya” Bush on the search of nonexistent WMDs in Iraq, I’m beginning to wonder if Donald Trump even knows how much in US dollars worth of aviation-grade kerosene his private jet burns in an hour spent airborne. Is Donald Trump a “Manchurian Candidate”? More like an “immature candidate”.