Saturday, February 7, 2015

Is Islamic State Nothing More Than A Nihilistic Death Cult?

Given the brutality of the execution of their hostages is Islamic State / ISIS / ISIL nothing more than a nihilistic death cult? 

By: Ringo Bones 

The terrorist organization has already executed scores of hostages with extreme brutality and they seem to not offer anything in terms of economic security – never mind an economically viable health plan - of the people under their control, it seems that Islamic State / Islamic State of Iraq and Syria / Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant is for all intents and purposes nothing more than a nihilistic death cult. Even the group’s claims of advancing the cause of Islam, an overwhelming majority of moderate Muslims consider them not apart of the officially accepted form of Islam. And the straw that finally broke the camel’s back is the imholation of Royal Jordanian Air Force pilot first lieutenant Muath al Kasasbeh.  

Islamic State as of late tend to not to stick to their word given that after they shot down the F-16 flown by the Jordanian pilot back in Christmas Eve and planned to swap him for a failed female Iraqi suicide bomber captured by the Jordanian authorities they burned the pilot alive anyway. During the course of this tragic ordeal, pilot Kasasbeh’s father used to hang on the opinion that the war against Islamic State is not Jordan’s war, but after seeing the gruesome video of the imholation of his own son under the hands of ISIS, his views changed. Jordan’s King Abdullah has recently launched extensive air operations against Islamic State to avenge the gruesome execution of 26 year old first lieutenant Muath al Kasasbeh. 

Now that the majority of Jordanians are now against Daesh – the Arabic name of Islamic State – it seems that the cycle of violence in the region could perpetuate for years to come. With Islamic State’s penchant for dissembling, the two Japanese hostages executed earlier before the prisoner swap was arranged only strengthen the resolve of the international community against Islamic State. The terror group even recently claimed that their female American aid worker - now identified as 26 year old Kayla Mueller - taken hostage by them was a recent casualty of recent Jordanian Air Force operations against them.