Friday, March 28, 2008

Islamophobia Anyone?

The term has now served as a popular description of the mindset of the people running FOX News. Is “Islamophobia” a mere byproduct of the 9 / 11 attacks or a deeper symptom of disdain by the West over non-Christians?

By: Vanessa Uy

As time went on, the Patriot Act has more or less devolved into the reading of the Riot Act to American Citizens subscribing to the Islamic faith. Also, the Bush Administrations “War on Terror” had turned into something more that half of the world’s population always feared – a war against the non-believers of Christianity. But there’s a growing consensus that the Bush Administration / GOP definition of “non-believers” does not only apply to Muslims, but also to women, ethnic minorities, homosexuals, even practitioners of so-called “rational thinking” and “reason”. Yes, rational thinking and reason: the two greatest foes of Creationism. Plus given the recent public rantings of Barack Obama's pastor - Reverend Jeremiah Wright - only serves to show that organized Christianity in America is no longer ashamed to show "political ambitions".

As America is being destroyed by the current Bush Administration in a way that most al-Qaeda operatives can only dream of, I have a nagging feeling that the root cause of all of this is the means in which the Bush Administration made “The Power of Christ” somewhat oversold. I mean has anyone seen Pat Robertson going into the refugee camps in the Darfur Region of Sudan turning stone into bread? How about doing the same miracle in areas worse hit by Hurricane Katrina? It really seems like the “Blue State” regions of America are fast becoming the last bastions of reason, literally. And it seems it's now up to them to act as the last bastion of socio-cultural tolerance.

The “brand” of “Christianity” that the Bush Administration is presently promoting – by force – around the world has been creating global resentment on an unprecedented scale. The Bush Administration’s Christendom’s core mission really is to wipe out Civil Liberties and the right to self-determination around the world. When they imprison Viktor Bout, we can kiss goodbye to our right to self-determination. Its getting very, very hard for the Bush Administration’s Christendom to realize that the world doesn’t want to be saved, only to be left alone. I just hope that the term "Islamophobia" will only apply to George "Dubya" Bush and his Neo-Conservatives.


Adolf said...

Have you seen The Colbert Report episode the one in which the guest musician was the rapper Nas? Nas has been leading a campaign against the FOX News Network and it's biased political views mostly directed at the African-American / Black community. To me, FOX News' "Islamophobia" is nothing more than an extention of their racism against African-Americans. They are a news provider first and foremost, not an editorial outlet for the Aryan Nation. To me, even the "Islamophobia" displayed on the TV series 24 - which the FOX Network carries - seems more "politically correct" compared to FOX News. Which goes to show that maybe the rumors about Keifer Sutherland being friends with the Royal Jordanian Family could be true.

Ringo said...

You must be referring to the spin-off known as which is a protes action against the inherently racist "editorializing" of FOX News. The movement is lead by the rapper NAS, but basing on what I've viewed so far, the protest action is mostly directed at Bill O'Reily's rather "Manifest Destiny"-era views regarding the African-American community.
To me, Fox New's "Islamophobia" is nothing more than a facet of their upper echelon's anti African-American sentiment. Which culminated by their views regarding the racist and Islamophobic New Yorker magazine caricature of Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. Though the New Yorkers caricature is more "Islam-Ignorant" than "Islamophobic" like whould Osama bin Laden being a Wahabist Muslim would want images of himself posted on living rooms around the globe. A paradox given that back in October 2007, the Sufi poet Jelaluddin Rumi became more popular than America's incumbent president George "Dubya" Bush.