Friday, April 23, 2010

2010 Philippine Presidential Elections: Ignoring the Other Important Issues?

With yet another presidential election scheduled for May 10, 2010; are the main presidential candidates ignoring the other important issues?

By: Ringo Bones

Election time is again close at hand, and yet again some of the other less discussed but really important issues are yet again swept under the rug. The same rhetoric is spouted yet again about institutionalized government corruption, but no one has ever provided the concept of harm reduction when it comes to deeply entrenched corruption given that it is already a part of our Imperial-era Spain mandated culture for over 500 years.

Or what about the Catholic Church having enough clout to get away with everything? I mean have you ever heard a Catholic Church neutral discussion of Friedrich Nietzsche’s works in Catholic run colleges in the Philippines? Even the supposedly non-sectarian state universities can’t seem to pull this one off. Maybe those paedophile priests will find the Philippines a very inviting safe haven like Argentina was for NAZI war criminals at the end of World War II.

Maybe I should have devoted a whole blog about the Catholic Church as being the root of all evil that has bedeviled the Philippines. Like the way the Church bedevils homosexuality and Planned Parenthood – i.e. birth control that doesn’t involve molesting little altar boys. Or what about the Catholic Church in the Philippines undermining the Indigenous People’s Rights Act of 1997? If the Church can get away with it, would they get away with Church-sanctioned Islamophobia too?

Even some of the representative’s of the past evil regimes managed to run for high elective offices. Like the son of a former dictator who is famous for secretly assassinating his political opponents. Not to mention that former deposed corrupt leader who ruined my 300 US dollar a day business after he does a Zimbabwe strongman Robert Mugabe like reform to bedeviling ex pats and other foreign nationals - like tourists. A move that ruined my business into a 30 US cents a day lemonade stand.

Maybe there’s truth to the Church sanctioned Islamophobia given that the Philippines is a Catholic majority country when the Catholic Church scandal of paedophile priests seems to have been hardly discussed in the local press. There are probably two practicing Muslims running for an elective position – maybe I’ll vote for the two just to keep the election fair and balanced. Unless the Philippine Catholic Church managed to deliver the promise they’ve been telling me since Ronald Reagan ruled the free world. Like using their magical powers that they have earned through their piety to turn worthless rocks and dirt into some kind of food the starving majority of Filipinos seems to be craving for.


VaneSSa said...

The over 500 years of Catholic hegemony is the primary reason why the Philippines can't solve the pressing problem of overpopulation. Are Catholic priests - the paedophile ones - telling us something about the secret of Planned Parenthood / birth control we don't seem to know about?
Anyway, on the issue of deposed cleptocrat Joseph Estrada, using a 123-grain Lapua Scenar or a 5.7mm X 28mm round to cavitate his brains for a few microseconds might probably be too good for him. That fucking bastard should be sentenced to be a man-whore in those notorious Philippine prisons where he's made to endure hourly sodomy sessions. By the way, my mom will be voting those practicing Filipino Muslim candidates.

VaneSSa said...

P.S. Please check out our local Mainland Chinese all-girl punk band named Minzhou who will be playing in their first major concert this June 4, 2010 in memory of the June 4, 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre. Maybe His Holiness, The Fourteenth Dalai Lama of Tibet will drop by.

Kat said...

I do agree, supposedly non-sectarian schools in Cebu City are run like Catholic schools. Maybe Professor Richard Dawkins should be a guest faculty at University of San Carlos Cebu main campus.

May Anne said...

Given that former US Vice President Al Gore will be visiting Manila this June 2010, maybe the University of San Carlos main campus in Cebu should invite famed evolutionary biologist Professor Richard Dawkins as an inspirational speaker and to spread awareness on what the Catholic Church have done to the academic freedom of Philippine educational system.
Speaking of that deposed plunder enthusiast and Robert Mugabe wannabe Joseph Estrada, a well-placed 32 Browning Automatic Colt Pistol round will do nicely. Or if you prefer, a 123-grain Lapua Scenar from 900-meters away just to show-off your marksmanship skills.

Sherry Rashad said...

You folks don't yet even know the threat posed by Mainland Chinese spies posing as Taiwanese on-line sex chat operators. I've already seen some already have a well-sorted dossier from Langley. But I do agree that the ousted despot and Robert Mugabe wannabe Joseph Estrada is not just a nuisance candidate, but the root of all evil that almost destroyed the Philippines ten years ago. Let those paedophile priests sodomize that fucking bastard.

Yvette said...

Before former US President George "Dubya" Bush's true nature was unraveled by Hurricane Katrina, deposed former Philippine president Joseph Estrada's ill-advised policies drove my African-American pals who were happily settled in the Philippines back in 1999. Kanye West should pop a cap on Joseph Estrada's ass.

April Rain said...

There are probably two main reasons why "Noynoy" Aquino won the 2010 Philippine Presidential Elections: 1) Election officials giving priority to senior citizens who in more ways than one witnessed first hand the atrocities commited by former dictator Ferdinand Marcos. 2) They - senior citizens and anyone over 30 - are patient enough to stand in line to say "Never Again" to that bastard Joseph Estrada for ruining yet again everything thatis good aboutthe Philippines.
Furthermore,I just hope that President-elect Aquino will fulfill his promisepertaining to the reproductive healthcare bill.

Nadine said...

The recent anti-corruption crackdown in Russia a few days ago that the BBC has the good fortune of getting an exclusive reminded me that - according to Transparency International at least - corruption in Russia equalled that of Zimbabwe and probably the Estrada presidency in the Philippines back in 1999. It is regretable that deposed despot Joseph Estrada got away scot-free.