Monday, November 5, 2012

Did Mitt Romney’s Politics Started A Meningitis Outbreak?

As the US Republican Party often extolled the advantages of a small government and minimal to nonexistent Federal regulatory oversight as the foundation of the American economic prosperity, did it backfire this time? 

By: Ringo Bones

Sometimes I wonder if the meningitis outbreak inadvertently started by Mitt Romney can be handled by OBAMACARE – but did the US Republican Party’s obsession over the “perceived advantages” of a small and non-intrusive Federal government inadvertently placed public health – and even public safety at risk? Well, this is probably a textbook example.

During the days of his stint as Governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney stoically stood by the GOP party line of a minimal to nonexistent Federal government intrusion and/or oversight on private business activity is the very foundation that made the American economy the envy of the whole world. Unfortunately, with nary an oversight – not even a minimally lax one - from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on New England Compounding Co., a Massachusetts based pharmaceutical company managed to manufacture and stock meningitis contaminated operating-room surgical theatre drugs that had recently been traced as the source of the recent meningitis outbreak. Did the GOP’s politics betray the now US Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney during his stint as the Republican governor of Massachusetts?

Well, many now an undecided voter weary of OBAMACARE are now starting to wonder if “ROMNEYCARE” is even worse due to the former Massachusetts governor’s politics inadvertently starting a meningitis outbreak by putting company profits above public health and public safety precedents. This proverbial “October Surprise” might have been overshadowed by the tragic wake of Superstorm Sandy – but could this issue swing the scores of undecided voters in President Obama’s favor this coming 6th of November? Or will this be just another trivial factoid of the 2012 US Presidential Race?

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