Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Abraham Lincoln: The First Openly Gay U.S. President?

Late night TV circuit comedian Jay Leno may have joked about historical facts pertaining to this topic as far back as 1998, but is there any truth that Abraham Lincoln was America’s first openly gay president?

By: Ringo Bones

Tenured ivy-league historians have known facts about Abraham Lincoln’s alleged homosexuality way before the mid 1990s – the time where the prevailing social climate became more accepting of people with sexual preferences outside of the established norms given the growing popularity of gay-themed TV sitcoms during that time. But were there any historically reliable proof of Abraham Lincoln’s alleged forays into homosexuality? After all, in this politically correct day and age, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it, right?

Most of the “documented evidence” of Abraham Lincoln’s alleged homosexuality came from the diary entries of prominent socialite and Lincoln’s contemporary, Virginia Woodbury Fox. In Virginia Woodbury Fox’s 1862 diary entries, she witnessed and / or heard various men that have slept with then President Abraham Lincoln. As far back as Lincoln’s law college years, Virginia Woodbury Fox already knew of Lincoln’s “alleged” homosexual affair with college dorm-room roommate Joshua Steed. Not only that, Virginia Woodbury Fox also recorded on her diary the fact that the two eventually “broke up” because Joshua Steed is staunchly pro-slavery and has actually owned slaves despite of the growing Abolitionist movement across the United States during that time.

Virginia Woodbury Fox also noted on her diary the rather “awkward” courtship between Abraham Lincoln and Mary Todd. And that despite the two of the couple actually getting married and having a son, Fox also documented the rather tumultuous relationship between the two while Lincoln became president and later on when their son died that fueled much of then First Lady Mary Todd Lincoln’s neuroses. Despite of the “reliable” documentation of socialite Virginia Woodbury Fox on Abraham Lincoln’s “alleged” homosexuality, famous movie director Steven Spielberg chose not to include the “homosexual angle” of Lincoln’s life in his recent epic movie about the late, great U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. 

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