Monday, May 26, 2014

Did Pornography Started During The Stone Age?

Archeologically dug Paleolithic era figures over the years might have been primarily used for fertility rites – but does their “voluptuously erotic” nature suggest “pornography”?

By: Ringo Bones

This rather “controversial” subject may not have been placed under scrutiny by the Ronald Reagan Pornography Commission that war run by the then US Attorney General Edwin Meese III during the first half of the 1980s, but did the Reagan administration’s “morality watchdogs” ever scrutinized alleged pornographic items that came before Jesus Christ? Not to mention anything that came before and what passed muster as “pornography” during the Roman Empire. Or what about “porn” so old that have been uncovered by tenured archaeologists from leading ivy league institutions?

Paleolithic or Stone Age porn may conjure up images of Fred Flintstone’s hidden antediluvian porn stash but they had been considered over the years since they’ve been uncovered as one of mankind’s finest artistic achievement of all time. Examples of which are the Venus of Laussel, the Venus of Willendorf, the Venus of Vestonice and the Lady of Brassempouy. The clue that first suggests that these are sculptures are more than just intended for Paleolithic fertility rites is that all of them are small enough to be carried around even by a single individual – suggestive of a “secret porn stash” meant to be hidden under the bed of hot blooded Stone Age era men? About as portable and easy to hide as our contemporary pornographic conveyances like porno magazines, computer laptops and even tablet computers.

One Paleolithic artifact discovered by Hallam L. Movius, Jr. – Professor of Anthropology at Harvard – now called the Venus of Abri Pataud which was unearthed in the Dordogne cave region of France. Named after a cave shelter on a farm formerly owned by a family named Pataud, the Venus of Abri Pataud was made some 20,000 years ago. Given that some contemporary “prudes” still consider some erotic Old Masters exhibited in the various major metropolitan museums around the world as pornography, it is safe to assume that probably all of these modern day prudes consider Paleolithic depictions of voluptuous women as “pornography”. Sometimes I too wonder what these “morality watchdogs” would consider as “Stone Age Child Pornography”. 

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VaneSSa said...

Is the Venus of Brassempouy or Lady of Brassempouy used to teach fellatio during Paleolithic times?