Sunday, September 6, 2015

Kim Davis’ Same-Sex Marriage License Denial: Jesus Made Me Do It?

Despite being made legal across the United States in a US Supreme Court decision back in June 26, 2015, should a clerk be imprisoned for using the “Jesus Excuse”?

By: Ringo Bones 

If using the “Jesus Excuse” allow one to be exempt from serving jail time when committing a serous felony in the United States, Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building bomber Timothy McVeigh would have been walking free somewhere in the United States by now and every white supremacist group on American soil will be free to harass and murder every non-white-Anglo-Saxon-American citizen in the name of white-Anglo-Saxon-Jesus. Thankfully, the United States is still a nation where the rule of law sill reign supreme and the last time I checked – a democracy as opposed to a white-supremacist-based theocracy. Unfortunately, some government workers still don’t get the memo. 

Last week, an elected Rowan County, Kentucky clerk named Kim Davis was sentenced to jail by a federal judge after Davis refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. Despite of her “political stance”, Kim Davis is apparently a registered Democrat and was elected last fall as a Rowan County clerk while gaining 53-percent of the votes. Davis’ rather extreme stance against the LGBT residents of her county was primarily borne out of her conversion to Apostolic Christianity 4 and a half years ago and this particular Christian sect was notorious for harboring a strict moral code – especially when it comes to sexuality, thus the reason for Davis to become embroiled in this very recent and high-profile same-sex marriage row that is currently heard around the world.  

Despite the American right-wing conservative Evangelicals adopting such extremist stance of morality – especially in the US Republican Party – not all of the Christian clergy in America subscribe to such NAZI Party like interpretation of the Holy Bible. The Reverend Broderick Greer even said “Kim Davis’s denial of same-sex marriage licenses is not what Jesus would do.” While the biblical Jesus opened himself to be changed by people who were different, the embattled Rowan County clerk is using religion as a social bludgeon akin to what the so-called Islamic State / ISIS is currently doing in Syria and Iraq. 

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