Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney Versus The 47%?

Despite being unrepentant of his somewhat disparaging comments made on the 47% of Obama Voters during his private fundraiser, will this hurt the prospects of US Republican Party presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s chances of being elected as the next President of the United States?

By: Ringo Bones

According to early coverage of the story on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, the hidden camera footage of the US Republican Party’s presidential hopeful Mitt Romney caught making disparaging comments of the 47% of the voters – which he referred to as “Obama Voters” – as being too dependent on US government handouts was first uploaded on the Mother Jones website. More controversial still, Romney also made comments about how he would have a better chance of being elected to be at the helm of the White House if he had been born Mexican. But will this political faux pas caught on tape disparaging US government welfare beneficiaries ruin chances of Mitt Romney winning the US Presidential Elections this coming November 2012?

Even though President Obama previously made such – though of a polar opposite – strongly worded speech about his political opponents during his campaign trail back in 2008 on how ultra-conservative right-wing Evangelicals stick with their guns and religion, Mitt Romney’s political gaffe will be perceived by more people as much more serious – even by non-Americans – because Romney and his conservative constituents had been unabashedly telling more level headed Americans and other level headed people elsewhere in the world how to live out their lives with scant regard to their present situations. Worse still, Romney’s latest campaign speech faux pas only proves of the prevailing perception of the “47%” of him as being an aloof rich guy who doesn’t care about the very poor in America. Maybe Mitt Romney needs more time to hone his rhetoric to even rival that of Ronald Reagan.

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